Baldock By Pass

The bypass had an official opening ceremony on 16th March 2006.

After almost 70 years of campaigning and inquiries, Baldock is set to get it's by pass, the four mile route will involve the dualling of the A505 from Slip End, before diverging to the South of Baldock, a short stretch in a tunnel to reduce the impact on the views, before joining the A6141 near the Letchworth Gate junction with the A1(M), junction 9.

The main effect of the bypass will be to relieve the traffic congestion caused by three principal roads - the A6141, A507 and A505 - converging in the centre of the town.

The there special measusres to minimize the environmental imapct including special habits being created and noise shielding, particularly for the Clothall Common estate.

Full construction work will start in the spring of 2004 but meanwhile significant work such as an archaeological survey, diversions of major pipes and cables and the final detailed design, will be done. The bypass will open in 2006

It is expected to significantly improve the quality of life as well as increasing safety for pedestrians and cyclists for residents of Baldock and Letchworth when the scheme is due to complete in 2006.

More information is available from the county council's website on the scheme.

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